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Alleghany County Purchases New Truck For Waste Disposal



Alleghany County has purchased a new $157,000 truck that will assist with trash pickup and disposal in the New Year.

Suzanne Adcock-Nicely, director of finance and general revenue for Alleghany Co., remarked, “We budget funds every year to build equity for larger purchases of this nature.”

Citizens of Alleghany Co. pay the county for its trash pickup service, and the county also operates a waste disposal station near Island Ford Bridge east of Covington.

Alleghany Co. has established trash-collecting routes throughout the entire county that surrounds the City of Covington, and the new vehicle has been added to its fleet of trucks.

Adcock-Nicely concluded, “Alleghany Co. is one of the few counties in Virginia that provides county-wide trash-pickup service.”

96 Gallon Carts/trash cans (provided to Clifton Forge route first as a pilot study) tentatively rolled out in June 2022
Carts have large wheels and are easy to use, minimize litter scatter, enhance neighborhood aesthetics.
Photo of a cart/trash can example below.

Specifically designed for Clifton Forge
Cost $157,000
11 yard (not tons) capacity (we pick up 8-10 tons/16-20 yards daily)
No CDL required
Easier to navigate alleyways
Shorter wheelbase reduces hopper drag and liquid spillage.
Hydraulic cart/can tipper (helps empty heavier carts/trash cans, safer for employees and reduces workers comp claims)

General information:
3 employees 5 days a week (1 route per day)
Christmas is the only holiday off
Approximately 1600 customers
Approximately 320 pickups per day
Services include curbside residential pickup, curbside business and dumpsters.

Timmy Kimberlin and Mike Hendrickson and solid waste collections staff are credited with the planning, truck specifications and procurement. A notable Team effort!

Special thanks to the Board of Supervisors for supporting our equipment replacement needs.

The new truck was parked on display in the Town of Clifton Forge’s parking lot adjacent to the Clifton Forge Town Hall on Mon., Jan. 11.

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