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Water hydrant erupts near Clifton Forge Town Hall



Updated Jan 14, 2022: Correction: The water hydrant that was reported to have burst after the Clifton ForgeTown Council meeting on Jan. 11 had not burst but was undergoing a pressure release necessary to permit workers to repair a water leak a block away from Jefferson Ave.

After the Clifton Forge Town Council meeting ended on Tuesday night, the water hydrant that is located near the corner of Church St. and Jefferson Ave. was, shooting a spray of water toward the Clifton ForgeTown Hall.

Main Street in front of the Town Hall was quickly flooded before the police arrived to direct traffic away from the rushing torrent that flooded one lane of Jefferson Ave.

The reason for the break that surprised Town Manager Chuck Unroe and members of the Clifton Forge Town Council as they exited Town Hall was not known.

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