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Omicron Causes 95 Percent Of New COVID Cases



According to the latest statistics compiled by the Mayo Clinic, omicron is responsible for 95 percent of the new coronavirus infections.

In Va. of every 100,000 people, 174.2 become infected every day, and based on the state’s total population, the daily average of those becoming infected is 14,652.9. In Virginia, 68.9 percent of its citizens have been fully vaccinated.

By comparison, N.Y. has 71,375.9 citizens being infected each day and 3,638 per 100,000 population despite the fact that 71.7 percent of its citizens have been fully vaccinated.

The state of Tenn. has the lowest rate per 100,000 population at 164.1 per day and 10,016.9 daily despite the fact that the state has the lowest average for fully vaccinated citizens of any of the states that border Va. Only 52.5 percent of its residents have been fully vaccinated.

States that border Virginia shows that COVID-19 is spreading in a similar way with W. Va. having the second-lowest number per 100,000 population at 170.3. The daily total for W.Va. is 10,916.9, and only 54.5 percent of its citizens have been fully vaccinated.

Of the states bordering Va., Md. has the highest number of its citizens fully vaccinated at 71 percent, but its number of cases per 100,000 is higher than Va. at 228.3 being infected daily, and its daily average is higher as well with 13,705 cases being reported daily.

Cases in Ky. per 100,000 population is 174.7, almost identical to the number in Va. However, Ky. has nearly 50 percent fewer daily cases than Va. with far fewer of its citizens being fully vaccinated. Only 54.7 percent of Kentuckians have been fully vaccinated, and per 100,000 population, the daily cases are 7,755.1.

Of the states bordering Va., N.C. has the highest number of daily cases at 17,535.1, and 58.3 percent of its citizens have been fully vaccinated. Per 100,000 population, N.C. has fewer cases that are being reported daily at 172.7 than are being reported in Va.

As omicron has taken over as the most contagious of the variants, some school districts across the nation are returning to full-virtual learning, and 21 states have at least one school district that has closed to transition to remote learning since the New Year began.

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