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LOVEworks Increases Awareness Of Virginia's Slogan



“Virginia is for Lovers” has been the Commonwealth of Virginia’s slogan for 50 years, and Virginia Tourism created LOVEworks in 2013, a program to increase public awareness of the slogan.

Since its establishment, 275 LOVEworks projects have been completed across the state, and the Town of Clifton Forge will soon have its LOVEworks created adjacent to the Masonic Amphitheatre, the location that the Town Council of Clifton Forge recently approved.

The City of Covington’s LOVEworks is located on Main Street, and another LOVEworks has been completed at Humpback Bridge where a sycamore tree has been utilized to form the letter, “v,” in LOVEworks.

The state’s LOVEworks reimbursement program enables builders of the LOVEworks to receive up to $1,500 reimbursement of the expenditures involved upon completion of the project. In-kind services cannot be counted as expenses, and those responsible for building the LOVEworks must submit a grant request to receive the reimbursement.

People often use the Loveworks for a background for photographs or for a predetermined destination too visit as they travel throughout Virginia.

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