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Capitol Riot Suspect Josh Haynes Of Covington Is Now Facing Local Charges For Assaulting A Family Member



Capitol riot suspect Josh Haynes of Covington is now facing local charges for assaulting a family member.

Federal prosecutors cited the charges on Friday in asking that Haynes’ bond be revoked while he awaits trial in Washington, D.C. for allegedly taking part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. A hearing will be held later to determine whether his bond should be revoked.

Haynes, 39, was on release under a federal bond. He was under house arrest and ordered to stay out of trouble while awaiting his federal trial. His bond said that if he violated its terms, he would be taken into custody and remain in jail on the riot charges.

Haynes is being held in the Allegheny Regional Jail on charges of malicious wounding, strangulation and multiple misdemeanor charges of assaulting a family member and destruction of property.

He was arrested on July 27 at his Covington home on domestic violence charges and one count of property destruction.

“There is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed multiple violations of state law while he was on home incarceration for his criminal conduct on Jan. 6,” says a motion filed Friday in federal court.

Citing Haynes’ “lengthy pattern of abusive conduct” and an assault conviction in 2015, the government is arguing that he is a danger to the public. In a brief response, Haynes’ attorney wrote that he is aware of the new changes and will file a motion for bond review “if circumstances change.”

Prior court filings say Haynes was captured on video destroying equipment belonging to the news media outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 before entering the building with supporters of former President Donald Trump. Haynes was also photographed wearing a mask while standing in a U.S. Senate office, according to court documents.

He is charged with destruction of property, entering the Capitol without permission, disorderly conduct and obstructing an official proceeding. Congress was meeting to certify the November vote tallies from each state when the violence occurred.

After he was arrested by federal authorities, Haynes was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and to remain in his house except for court appearances and other court-approved appointments. A preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 28.

Haynes is scheduled to appear in Alleghany County General District Court on Sept. 10 on the destruction of property charge.

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