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Less Than Half The States Have White Christmas



While Christmas music filled the air on Christmas Day with many crooners singing their renditions of “White Christmas,” the No. 1 Christmas song of all-time, Virginians and West Virginians were without snow.

Only 20 of the 50 states were covered with or partially covered with snow on Christmas Day. One inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning is the definition of a White Christmas by the National Weather Service.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains perhaps received the most snow, and northern areas of Nev. and Calif. and the states of Ore. and Wash. were hit hard by a snowstorm.

Mountainous areas of Utah, Ariz. and N.M. received snow as did Idaho, Wyo. and Mont. in the West.

In the East, Maine, N.H., Vt., Mass., N.Y., Conn., R.I. and part of Pa. had snow on the ground on Christmas day.

Temperatures in the Roanoke Valley and the Alleghany Highlands were near record highs on Christmas Day, and a light drizzle fell in the Alleghany Highlands on Christmas night.

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