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Omicron Spreads Like Wildfire Through 50 States



While Omicron’s symptoms are not as severe as COVID-19 or the Delta variant, Omicron spreads 70 times more quickly while bringing symptoms similar to the common cold: congestion and headaches.

More people died from COVID-19 in 2021 than in 2020, and the New Year has brought with it a spike in the number of people being infected daily in the U.S., including ones who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and followed up by getting a booster vaccine.

In the U.S. on Jan. 8, 703,067 new cases were reported, and the pandemic that President Joe Biden had projected would be reined in by July 4, 2021, has worsened.

Idaho leads the nation in the least amount of its citizens being infected, averaging 1,148.4 per day and 68 per 100,000 population after 54.6 percent of its citizens have been vaccinated.

By contrast, Virginia has 17,903.6 being infected per day, and the daily average per 100,000 population is 212.8 despite the fact that a greater percentage of Virginians have been vaccinated than those in Idaho. The percentage of Virginians who have been vaccinated for the virus is 68.6.

The FDA has approved two pills developed by Pfizer and Merck, but the pills will not be ready for distribution until June. In the meantime, Paxlovid is being used along with other drugs to treat those infected.

With COVID-19 infections at an all-time high, inflation higher than it has been since President Jimmy Carter’s administration and the U.S. Southern Border wide open so that immigrants from 150 countries have entered the U.S. in record-breaking numbers since President Biden took office, some infected with COVID-19, President Biden has yet to come up with a silver bullet for COVID-19.

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