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Turkey Recipes From Kindergarteners



As households throughout the Highlands begin planning for the perfect Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, some young chefs in Donna Armstrong’s kindergarten class at Millboro Elementary School are sharing their recipe insights to help alleviate the stress.

Ahlahziah Jackson — Put the stuffing and vegetables in it. Then you cook it in a pan for 11 minutes. Put salt and pepper on it while it’s cooking. Put it back in the oven after you put butter on it. Cook for 11 minutes. You wait then eat it.

Ashlyn Frady — Go in the woods, sneak up on it then you stab it. Stuff it with butter. Put applesauce on it. Then you cook it for an hour. Take it out and stuff it with peanut butter and jelly. Then put it back in the oven. Cut up tiny pieces of apples and put it in there. Then we take it out and eat it.

Brooklynn Bursey — First you get it from the store, Krogers. Come home and cook it. Put cinnamon, pepper and salt. Put it in the oven for 5 minutes. Take it out to work on it. Put sugar, cinnamon, salad stuff and hard crunchy stuff. Bake for 5 minutes until the beeper goes off. Pull it out, spice it up and put it on the plates. Eat the turkey.

Easton Martin — Kill it first. Take off the wings. Cook it for 12 minutes or 7 minutes. You let it cool off. You eat it.

Elijah Ingram You put it in the oven and chop it up. I get to help. I cut the bacon to put in the turkey. I put some ham in it and chop it up. I take it out of the oven and I eat it. I take the bone out and cut the inside out and chop it up again.

Ellie Campbell — Put it in the oven and cook it for a long time. When you hear a ding it’s done. Then you eat it.

Gabriel Ryder — You have to go in the woods and take a shot gun and shoot it down. You have to cut the legs off and the head and then you put it in the pot. Then you bake some meatballs and put the tables up and then you cook potatoes and pasta and rice and beans and chicken. You put oil on the turkey then you cook some cake and then some pies.

George Landrum — You take the heart out of it. You put it inside a bag and then you put the heart back inside. You cook it and then it gets done and then you eat it.

Kimber Stevens — First you find a turkey in the woods. You shoot it and bring it to the house. You cut it and shake it. Stick it in the oven and then you eat it.

Laryssa Burke — Put the oil in to make the turkey so it doesn’t taste weird. You put it in the oven so it’s not cold. Take it out and then eat it so it doesn’t go bad.

Layton Deel — Open the turkey. Put it on a pan. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Take it out of the oven. Wait until Thanksgiving Day to eat it. But you have to wait until all the guests arrive, then you eat it. Then when everyone leaves, you get to eat the rest of the turkey.

Layton Saunders — First kill it in the woods. Bring it home. Put salt, pepper and meatballs on it. Cook it in the oven for 15 seconds. Then eat it on Thanksgiving.

Levi McAllister — You just stick it in the oven but stuff it up. Throw the book at the turkey and put it in the oven and when he’s done you stuff him up again. Throw another book at him. Then you eat him but it’s a red book.

Lexi Balser — You get it from the store and bring it home. Cook it with the stove on. Put pepper, strawberry and salt on it and butter. Then you eat it.

Rose Mitchell — Get it from the store. Put pepper on it. Cook it for 5 minutes. Then we eat it with apples, ketchup and Bar-B-Que.

Ryan Lane — You can take it on a tray and she puts soap on her hands and rubs it all over the inside. Then she cooks it and takes it out and we eat it.

Ty Randozzo — First weigh the turkey. Cut and clean it. Put it in the oven to cook it. Sprinkle with salt. Take it out of the oven. Cut the turkey. Put all the pieces on a plate. Then you can eat it with gravy and dressing.

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