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Echoes Of The Past: Saturday, October 2




October, 1931

October 1, 1931: Gas Tax Stays With Us In VA.

Although the number of motor vehicles registered in Virginia so far this year shows a decline, as compared with the same period in 1930; on the other hand, funds derived from both gas tax receipts and motor vehicle licenses have increased approximately 5 per cent, records of the Sate Division of Motor Vehicles disclosed oday.

There are 7,399 less motor vehicles registered than in 1930, but for the first eight months of this year, gas tax revenues were $7,856,637.61, as compared with $7,451,075.92 in 1930, while license receipts were $5,941,788.97, as against $5,923,547.48 during the same period in 1930.


October, 1946

October 1, 1946: Delinquent Water Users May Go Dry

Covington’s delinquent water customers may suddenly find themselves without water during the week of Oct. 7-15, Town Manager Adrian Newcomer indicated today.

Water payments are payable each three-month quarter, and, with the new quarter starting today, Newcomer said about 200 accounts are in arrears at least two quarters. Some are even further in arrears, he said.

“I don’t like to disconnect water service to anyone,” said Newcomer. “But with accounts getting so far behind I can see no alternative.”


October, 1996

October 1, 1996: Schools To Celebrate National Lunch Week

“School Lunch Rules: Happy 50th Birthday School Lunch” is the theme for the 1996 National School Lunch Week celebration. Covington City Schools will join thousands of school systems across the nation in celebrating this occasion.

The American School Food Service Association sponsors the celebration annually. This year’s theme promotes school meals as an essential part of education, nutrition, good health and heaalthful living. It’s also a goal that food service professionals have been working toward for more than 50 years. School lunch does rule – it has thrived for 50 years because it provides students with the fuel to learn, to create, to grow, to compete and to thrive.

In honor of the occasion, Covington Schools invites the community and parents to join in the 50th Birthday Celebration during the week of Oct. 14-18.

School lunch menus are planned to incorporate the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: eat a variety of foods; maintain healthful weight; choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol; choose a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruit and grain products; and use sugars, salt and sodium only in moderation.


October, 2011

October 1, 2011: Piney Grove Baptist Church Hosts Women’s Conference

Saturday, September 17, 150 women from 21 churches and five denominations gathered at Piney Grove Baptist Church for an annual women’s retreat.

The retreat was sponsored by the deaconess board of Piney Grove Baptist Church.

The theme of the retreat was “Women, the Truth is in the Word of God.” Speakers were Joyce Ryder, the Rev. Kathryn Simpson, and Brandi Reed. Organist was Herbrett Richardson. The soloists were Stephanie Clark, Amelia Merchant, Patricia Haynes, and Rita Chestnut. Liturgical praise was given by Erika Hunter and Joyce Salyers. Florence Simpson, who is 96 years old, gave words of wisdom. She is a member of Concerned Christian Baptist Church.

Mary Adderton the president of the deaconess board said, “The women find in this retreat that we have a common bond which is Jesus Christ and that bond out weighs all of our differences.”

Other members of the deaconess board are Evelyn Wright, Linda Cardwell, Joan Williams, Brenda Braxton, Gloria Braxton and Nancy Smothers. They look forward to Retreat 2012.

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