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West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Receives Treatment For COVID-19

Despite West Virginia Governor Jim Justice having been vaccinated for COVID-19 and having received his booster shot, he tested positive on Jan. 11 and is being treated with a monoclonal antibody.

After waking up with a cough and congestion the day before he was scheduled to give his “State of the State Address” to the West Virginia Legislature, he progressively worsened, developing a headache as his blood pressure and heart rate increased.

Dr. Clay Marsh, West Virginia’s COVID-19 czar, expressed his opinion that Governor Justice will recover because he has been fully vaccinated, having received a booster dose of the vaccine.

Governor Justice made modern state history by submitting a written address to the West Virginia State Legislature that constitutionally requires an address be given. According to West Virginia archivists, the written address is the first to be submitted in modern times.

At 70, Governor Justice is in the COVID-19 danger zone from an age standpoint, but he plans to follow up his submission of his written message by delivering a “State of the State Address” in person following treatment.

Dr. Marsh, his physician, reported that his symptoms are moderate and expects Governor Justice to fully recover.

None of Governor Justice’s staff tested positive, and First Lady Cathy Justice’s test result came back negative as well.

Contacts Governor Justice has had recently are being tracked down and tested, and W. Va. is now paying $100 apiece to young people as an incentive for them to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 and its variants have now claimed the lives of 5,452 West Virginians since 2020 when W.Va. became the last state to report a person infected with the coronavirus.