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Echoes Of The Past: Thursday, January 5




January, 1932

January 6, 1932: Oyster Beds A Soft Spot

Richard Armstrong, State Commissioner of Fisheries, said here today that the commission proposed for redefinition of the term “public oyster rocks” thrown open to promisors oyster planting and including many acres of totally unproductive bottoms, which are embraced within the lines of the old Faylor survey. He said that the handling of those bottoms was a purely local option affair.

Mr. Armstrong said that he believed that a bill will settle permanently a question which has been at the heart of all the oyster-talk is overdue.


January, 1947

January 6, 1947: Massenberg Is Nominated For House Speaker

G. Allen Massenebrg of Hampton was unanimously nominated as Speaker of the House of Delegates today as the Virginia General Assembly convened in extra session to act on Governor Tuck’s recommendations for higher pay for public school teachers and two items of labor-legislation.

The Hampton delegate, member of the house since 1926, and floor leader for ten years, succeeds Thomas B. Stanley of Henry County, now Congressman from the fifth district.


January, 1972

January 6, 1972: Peace Talks Resume; No Progress Noted

The United States warned North Vietnam and the Viet Cong today against “new military adventures” they are believed to be planning in South Vietnam.

The warning was sounded by the U.S. peace negotiator, William J. Porter, as the long-deadlocked peace talks resumed following a four-week recess.

The acrimonious meeting left the two sides as far apart as ever.


January, 1997

January 6, 1997: Allen To Push Ethics

Gov. George Allen is taking aim at government ethics and will propose that all government officials report any gifts they receive worth $25 or more.

Now, disclosures are necessary only for gifts over $200.

The governor will formerly unveil the ethics package Wednesday night when he addresses the opening of the General Assembly.

Allen also will propose that lobbyists disclose the names of officials, including lawmakers and executive branch officials, they entertain in groups of 10 or fewer.

Finally, the Republican governor would require officials to report the exact amount of their compensation when they represent clients before state government commissions. Now, the officials only have to check off a box that states the amount was less than or more than $10,000.

“We need adequate disclosure to maintain the integrity” of state government, Allen said Saturday. “My proposals are designed to provide greater disclosure…letting people know what is being spent and who is receiving it.”


January, 2012

January 6, 2012: Officials Oppose GOP Loyalty Oath

Two of Virginia government’s highest ranking Republicans said Thursday that the state Republican Party’s governing body should rescind its decision to require GOP presidential primary voters to sign a loyalty oath.

Gov. Bob McDonnell said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling both called on the state GOP to scrap the proposal that its central committee adopted a month ago.

Virginia does not register voters by party, so the March 6 primary is open to all voters.

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