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Methodist Churches For Local Mission Group



United Methodist churches in the Highlands have bonded together to carry out local missions.

The Highlands Methodist Mission Group was created to bring the United Methodist churches together for the purpose of meeting needs in the local community.

Earlier this year, the group presented donations to Alleghany County and Covington City Schools to assist teachers and students. In many cases, teachers spend their personal funds to ensure that all students have adequate school supplies.

“We hope that our donation will ease some of the burden for our teachers,” said Sonya Milton of the Highlands Methodist Mission group.

The group has also made contributions to Safe Homes, the Alleghnay Highlands Christmas Mother, the South Covington UMC food pantry and the Clifton Forge food pantry.

Churches that are a part of the group are Christ United UMC, Central UMC, South Covington UMC, Emory UMC, Mountain Valley UMC, Granberry UMC, Benjamin Persinger Memorial UMC, Pinnel UMC, Hoke Chapel UMC, Fletcher UMC and Iron Gate UMC.

“We truly appreciate all of the support that all of our churches have given to make these projects a huge success,” Milton said.

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