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Echoes Of The Past: Saturday, October 9




October, 1931

October 9, 1931: Students Check Jay Walkers

If traffic laws were enforced to the letter in this city students at Marshall College claim that 16 officer stations on the 16 principal corners would need to write out tickets in short hand.

The students made a traffic violation survey of the city’s principal intersections and found that during the rush hours violations of the city code occurred at the rate of 489 an hour. The beat-the-light brotherhood won first honors with 167 runnings of lights an hour.

A check of jay walkers also was attempted by the students’ bookkeeping system proved inadequate, one student stopping after he counted 1,000 persons, including three of his college instructors, crossing streets at places other than the crosswalks.


October, 1946

October9, 1946: Covington Dentists At Roanoke Meeting

Four Covington dentists attended the 31st annual meeting held Monday and Tuesday in Roanoke.

Col. R.C. Stokes was toastmaster at the opening banquet Monday night in which the president of the society, Dr. I. C. Wagner of Covington, called for the licensing or oral hygenists in a welcoming speech to the society.

Dr. Wagner urged that the society work with the Veterans Administration in taking care of veterans dental needs. He asked that the society recommend the licensing of oral hygenists to the Virginia State Dental Association. Oral hygenists are employed to a great extent by the Veterans Administration and Dr. Wagner outlined their record in the 35 states in which they were licensed.

Favorable action is expected to be taken upon the recommendation following committee action.

Present at the meeting were Dr. and Mrs. Wagner, Dr. and Mrs. McChesney Crawford, Dr. and Mrs. H.E. Adams, Dr. and Mrs. F.E. Woods, and Col. and Mrs. R.C. Stokes.


October 1971

October 9, 1971: An Open Letter To George Kostel

Dear George,

I was very happy to read in the paper today of your intent to expose Henry Howell’s record to the people of Virginia. If you will be so kind as to do this I feel confident that Senator Howell will be our next Lt. Governor. Certainly when the people who aren’t familiar with Henry’s record are made aware of it, they will vote for him.

On behalf of Senator Howell, I would like to thank you for your help.

Yours truly,

Butch Kemper, manager

Local Campaign

Howell for Lt. Governor


October, 1996

October 9, 1996: DSLCC Board To Meet Monday

The Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Board of Directors will meet Monday at 5 p.m. at the Rockbridge Regional Center in College Square Shopping Center in Lexington.

During the meeting, Carolyn Earehart, chairman, will make committee assignments for 1996-97.

The board will be asked to: select a board member to serve on the college’s marketing committee, adopt the long-range plan as presented and approve the LPN one-year certificate program as presented.

The president, Dr. Richard Teaff, will report on: the Rockbridge Center, ARC Grant application, child care, Botetourt County initiatives, budget, chancellor’s visit, personnel and upcoming events.


October, 2011

October 9. 2011: Virginia Adds Five Markets

Virginia is adding five state historical markers, including one marking Fort Monroe’s role in the demise of slavery.

The marker honors Union Major Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, who declared runaway slaves “contraband of war” in May 1861. The decision earned the Hampton landmark the name “Freedom Fort” and began the unraveling of southern slavery.

The markers announced by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources also include the location in Albemarle County where thousands of British and Hessian troops were held as enemy prisoners.

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