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Letters to the Editor 4/20/2021



Dear Editor,

“Think Green:” Our motto for the month of April.

April has been proclaimed clean up the month in the Alleghany Highlands by the four local governing bodies. The efforts are being led by the Covington Woman’s Club of GFWC and the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

Recently I had the opportunity to clean some of the areas of the highway along Jackson River Road.

It is an eye-opener for the amount of trash that is thrown from car windows by those not thinking of the effects on our environment.

It is our civic duty to make an extra effort to keep our highways clean for ourselves and our fellow community members.

Let’s make the Alleghany Highlands the cleanest place in Virginia. Let’s keep the Alleghany Highlands a beautiful place to live, work and play!


Marian Paxton
Covington Woman’s Club, Covington

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